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A Pueu Village House

A Pueu Village House

We are a very plain Tahitian family. We know our island and the ocean which surrounds it very well. We are happy to accommodate you, and be as useful as possible in making your visit to Tahiti effortless with Polynesian ...


Fare Suisse

Fare Suisse

Fare Suisse is a homey pension in the capital of French Polynesia...


Pension Hiti Moana Villa

Pension Hiti Moana Villa

Pension Hiti Moana villa 8 bungalows lagoon side calm place. Great for surfers and golfers. nice garden you have also a swimming pool area....


Pension Bonjouir

Pension Bonjouir

Bonjouir is a French word used to describe the best feeling you have ever had! Come join us - to rejuvenate the spirit, the body as well as the soul in the greatest of Bonjouir traditions....


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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Tahiti
Fare Suisse

Fare Suisse

 Reviewed by Susan H. on 22 February 2014

Comfy ensuite room, great air cooling to return to right after long walks around Papeete, excellent, friendly, helpful staff. Excellent baguette, ham, cheese, fruit, yogurt, muesli, juice and coffee breakfast on appealing lanai, available in case you want it for an extra amount ( now 10 euros ea. )

Fare Suisse

Fare Suisse

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 10 July 2013

Great value for money considering the expense of Tahiti, right near the waterfront and perfectly situated in down-town exactly where you can walk everywhere, including the ferry terminal. Excellent supermarket less than 5 mins walk away. Beni was fantastic with the airport pick up and drop off, save

Fare Suisse

Fare Suisse

 Reviewed by Emil B. on 6 May 2013

Friendly staff, close to shop, cleanliness, many thanks BENI, , ,

Fare Suisse

Fare Suisse

 Reviewed by David R. on 2 March 2013

Proximity to airport, port and town. Set back from the busy principal roads with pleasant sights across papeete. Really acceptable breakfast and also transfers.

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