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Hotel Amoud

Hotel Amoud

Situated in a art deco street in the heart of Casablanca near the medina, Mosque Hassan II and spot Mohamed V....


Hotel Central

Hotel Central

HostelBookers Prizes for Excellence 2010 - Rated best three for Most popular in Africa *Located inside the heart of the Medina, mins away from the Hassan II mosque as well as the train station, the new renovated Hotel Ce...


Hotel Astrid

Hotel Astrid

Tucked away on a quiet street south of the center, the Astrid delivers the most elusive element of Casas budget hotels - a great nights sleep. The Astrid hotel is the perfect destination for your holidays, especially if ...


Hotel Bellerive

Hotel Bellerive

Hotel with a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Only 10 Mins far from the city centre....


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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Casablanca
Hotel Astrid

Hotel Astrid

 Reviewed by Gregory M. on 5 March 2014

The employees were really accommodating, esp. toward someone with restricted French - c&'est moi. Although breakfast was NOT included, it was fairly inexpensive and satisfying. The hotel is beautifully decorated and my room was clean && comfortable.

Hotel Central

Hotel Central

 Reviewed by Andreanne R. on 22 February 2014

The individuals at the reception were nice and really friendly. Extremely located near the Casablanca port station and walking distance from city center.

Hotel Central

Hotel Central

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 20 January 2014

Centrally located inside the medina. Nice points of interest from the rooftop terrace. Breakfast is provided. Warm and friendly service.

Hotel Bellerive

Hotel Bellerive

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 14 January 2014

I loved the ocean view. The morning breakfast. Near to beaches!

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