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Riad Oussagou

Riad Oussagou

Welcome to the High Atlas mountain guesthouse Riad Oussagou, located alongside the village of Imlil. Equipped with modern day items, ensuring comfortable surroundings with furniture and furnishings derived from the local...


Dar Adrar

Dar Adrar

Located inside the Berber town of Imlil (1740m), known as Morocco's 'Little Chamonix', set in the upper level foothills of the Western High Atlas mountains just in 1h30 drive south of Marrakech, Mohamed an...


Dar Tighoula

Dar Tighoula

New guest home in Imlil, was rebuilt in 12 June 2009 Dar Tighoula, its from the status of Imlil and it is amid a berber village and in front of Toubkal mountain, it provides you a comfortable time, amid stunning gardens ...


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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Imlil
Dar Tighoula

Dar Tighoula

 Reviewed by Tom H. on 14 February 2013

Very warm and friendly individuals and a outstanding view down the valley from my room. I really enjoyed waking up here, the scenery is stunning.

Dar Tighoula

Dar Tighoula

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 16 December 2012

Lovely people, superb wifi, knowledgeable of area. Brilliant place to touch down on arrival to Maroc.

Dar Adrar

Dar Adrar

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 13 November 2012

Really helpful and friendly staff! The location is fantastic and the facilities are extremely excellent - comfortable beds, wood heaters in each room etc. The food is lovely too.

Dar Adrar

Dar Adrar

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 2 March 2012

Friendly and helpful employees - superb meals. superb location for mt Toubkal and discovering the valleys and small towns nearby

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