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Auberge La Goulade

Auberge La Goulade

The hostel is composed of 10 rooms with individual toilet and bathroom, Restaurant Pizzeria, Terrace, Moroccan lounge, dining room and French Moroccan cooking area....


Hotel Zaghro

Hotel Zaghro

Hotel Zagho is your home away from home offering too much for less. More essential is its great spot just 5 minutes ride from the city centre and near the Berber village of Tagharante with a panoramic view over the fanta...


Hotel Saf Saf

Hotel Saf Saf

Hotel SAFSAF is a small independent establishment proposing a reasonable lodging as well as a personalized service, in an accessible and cordial environment. It profits from a site of choice, which includes the famous KA...


Kasbah Assafar Ecolodge

Kasbah Assafar Ecolodge

We have built for you a authentic, traditional and comfortable guesthouse, within the heart of the Roses valley, kasbah Assafar is located on the road of a thousand casbahs, 90 kilometres from Ouarzazate and 05 kilometre...

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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Ouarzazate
Hotel Zaghro

Hotel Zaghro

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 23 November 2013

OK for that price. Room was clean and also the shower warm. Breakfast is alright too.

Hotel Zaghro

Hotel Zaghro

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 27 October 2013

Nice little hotel, great restaurant downstairs, friendly service, nice rooms. The location is good, a little out of town but it&'s best in case you have a car.

Hotel Saf Saf

Hotel Saf Saf

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 8 February 2013

The price as properly as the location. You can use internet for free.

Auberge La Goulade

Auberge La Goulade

 Reviewed by Enrique Cortes F. on 21 December 2011

The male owner was a cheerful pintoresque French man who received us warmly, we arrived lat but it wasn&'t a problem. The location is really exceptional for exploring A&it Benhaddou.

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