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Kirkwall Hostels
Orcades Hostel

Orcades Hostel

Orcades Hostel is a contemporary, comfy and friendly family run hostel in Kirkwall, Orkney. It is an excellent base for discovering our beautiful islands. Please contact us direct for availability during busy times....


Kirkwall Hostel

Kirkwall Hostel

The hostel has a friendly and welcoming environment. There is so much to see and do in Orkney, including outstanding bird watching and a vast number of ancient monuments. This is also a diving hotspot, as well as a best ...


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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Kirkwall
Kirkwall Hostel

Kirkwall Hostel

 Reviewed by Zofia G. on 29 August 2013

The staff were incredible. They were friendly, and really thoughtful - the kitchen facilities were superb and there are various grocery stores down the road to cook a proper meal! I didn&'t know how much there was to see in Kirkwall and Orkney in general, now I will certainly come back again.

Kirkwall Hostel

Kirkwall Hostel

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 23 June 2013

Excellent reception staff. Welcoming and informative, Bedding and towel provided. Showers and toilets fine. Recycling promoted.

Kirkwall Hostel

Kirkwall Hostel

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 10 April 2013

Clean and warm, the latter being extremely welcome addition.

Kirkwall Hostel

Kirkwall Hostel

 Reviewed by Debra J. on 12 September 2012

I stayed in a single room which was very good value for money. The staff are super helpful and warm and friendly and the hostel has plenty of room for everyone to eat and socialise.

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