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Melrose Hostels
Melrose Hostel

Melrose Hostel

The hostel, a former Georgian mansion, overlooks the Abbey and offers great facilities and warm welcome. The Abbey is also the starting point for St. Cuthberts Way cross-border walking route which finishes on Lindisfarne...


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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Melrose
Melrose Hostel

Melrose Hostel

 Reviewed by Ahmet Selami B. on 22 August 2011

The beds and linen were clean enough. The staff helped and solved our needs.

Melrose Hostel

Melrose Hostel

 Reviewed by Paulo S. on 9 July 2011

Location and warm and friendly staff. WC facilities. The rest is the basic

Melrose Hostel

Melrose Hostel

 Reviewed by David W. on 20 September 2010

Lovely old buiding in extremely excellent condition and fantastic location inside center of Melrose. Toilets clean with excellent showers. Fantastic cooking area and dining area. Breakfast can be ordered and is ready for you inside the refrigerator next morning. Nice clean bed linen supplied.

Melrose Hostel

Melrose Hostel

 Reviewed by Fabrizio C. on 30 August 2009

Equipped kitchenNo keys for rooms, extremely bad smell inside the lobbies and toilets. Too hard to reach: you have to walk in a extremely dark park if you go inside the evening, and there are no signals.

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