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Oban Hostels
Oban Backpackers

Oban Backpackers

Come and appreciate our comfy, friendly hostel inside the heart of Oban! We have got cool communal areas with lots of character, a excellent kitchen, hot showers and lovely wide dorm beds in our sunny, spacious dorms. We...


Oban Hostel

Oban Hostel

Both our four star seafront and purpose constructed lodge offer panoramic views across the bay and wonderful facilities. The hostel is a firm favourite with single travellers and families from all around the planet and i...


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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Oban
Oban Backpackers

Oban Backpackers

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 29 March 2014

The nice, huge and clean common area, the cool music playlist playing, the cute wood beds and the location.

Oban Hostel

Oban Hostel

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 27 December 2013

I liked that fact that the staff were often helpful and friendly. The building is extremely solid and withstood all that the Gales and sea threw at it. It is kept nice and warm and self catering facilities are excellent. Thank you

Oban Backpackers

Oban Backpackers

 Reviewed by Laura B. on 3 December 2013

Great staff, they were really helpful! well equipped kitchen and common area. sociable atmosphere. great sized bunks, that are obviously made for adults.

Oban Hostel

Oban Hostel

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 15 October 2013

The view from our room was amazing! Right by the seaside, an straightforward walk to town && it was a lot more like staying in a hotel then a hostel.

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