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Wester Caputh Lodge

Wester Caputh Lodge

A converted farm standing by the River Tay, 12 miles north of Perth and 4 miles from Dunkeld, just over an hours drive from Edinburgh....


Perth - Syha

Perth - Syha

Perth, called the Fair City sits on the banks of the River Tay. A favorite town for shopping, many long established household businesses, specialist retailers and familiar chain stores sit alongside one another on the tr...

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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Perth
Beatty Lodge

Beatty Lodge

 Reviewed by Eseta V. on 2 April 2014

Clean, feel safe to stay. also close to Public Transport. I really like this place.

Beatty Lodge

Beatty Lodge

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 1 April 2014

The Beatty Lodge was clean and close to the city but also in a quiet location so you can relax and have a peaceful stay. The staff were really warm and friendly too.

Witch's Hat Backpackers

Witch's Hat Backpackers

 Reviewed by Oliver Dean J. on 29 March 2014

The beds are quite comfortable. The people are nice. Very good Cooking area facilities.

North Lodge Backpackers/Perth City Appartments

North Lodge Backpackers/Perth City Appartments

 Reviewed by Tania D. on 17 March 2014

It was an incredible place to rest up. . thoroughly convenient and very useful people fantastic roomalso,

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