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Ullapool Hostels
Ullapool Hostel

Ullapool Hostel

Stay in the best hostel in town. Our refurbished hostel, equipped with great facilities and a warm welcome, is the right near to the ferries, buses, bars, cafes and seafood restaurants....


Glenfield Hostel

Glenfield Hostel

Glenfield Hostel is situated in the fishing village of Ullapool, on the west coast of Scotland. Set in its own grounds the hotel is within a brief walking distance of the harbour. Many rooms have a panoramic view of Loch...


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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Ullapool
Ullapool Hostel

Ullapool Hostel

 Reviewed by James M. on 4 August 2013

The location if perfict right on the water front. Properly worth a visit

Ullapool Hostel

Ullapool Hostel

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 23 April 2012

Friendly and knowleadgeable staff! Extremely clean and fantastic location (great view of the bay).

Glenfield Hostel

Glenfield Hostel

 Reviewed by Susan Mary W. on 31 August 2011

Lovely place, very nice clean hostel and exceptional room. Employees were great, really helpful even though they were really busy. They were really kind to me as a cyclist and a lone female traveller and couldn't have done far more to help

Glenfield Hostel

Glenfield Hostel

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 30 August 2011

Very good value for money. this is an old hotel. huge bedroom and bathroom. nice lounge with pool. They have microwave, not kitchen. clean room. extremely friendly staff

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