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Hotel Intourist-Zakarpatie

Hotel Intourist-Zakarpatie

The hotel "Intourist-Zakarpattya" is the largest 3* hotel in Transcarpathia. It is located in the center of administrative, trade, business centre of Uzhgorod....


Five Flags Hostel

Five Flags Hostel

Welcome to Five Flags Hostel, the modern, recently opened hostel offering inexpensive lodging in the center of Uzhgorod. Enjoy the unique environment of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine situated on the crossroads of...

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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Uzhgorod
Five Flags Hostel

Five Flags Hostel

 Reviewed by Kylie D. on 20 November 2013

Staff was fantasticsuper warm and friendly and really helpful (showed me info each about Uzhhorod and about Mukachevo, our next destination). Nice hostel too, really comfortable and clean.

Five Flags Hostel

Five Flags Hostel

 Reviewed by Mertz G. on 5 August 2013

Nice staff no cost washing maschine wifi no cost lockers not expensive

Five Flags Hostel

Five Flags Hostel

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 24 May 2013

Clean, fresh and spacious right inside the centre of the city with friedly host. Not a place for partying but properly worth the money for a night in Uzhgorod

Hotel Intourist-Zakarpatie

Hotel Intourist-Zakarpatie

 Reviewed by Bence P. on 1 February 2013

It is a low-cost hotel close to the train station. Our room was on the 10th floor, so the panorama was really good. The city is really nice, there are a lot of sights. The hotel is 15 mins walk from the centre.

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