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Inveraray Hostels
Inveraray Hostel

Inveraray Hostel

Come and stay in this small and warm and friendly Hostel, with its cosy household rooms, situated in the scenic Royal Burgh of Inveraray....


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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Inveraray
Inveraray Hostel

Inveraray Hostel

 Reviewed by Rosalee K. on 14 September 2013

Property is a brief walk from loch, shops, bus station, with green and leafy grounds. Hostel is straightforward and clean, homely, and employees are extremely friendly and helpful. Laid-back, homely feel. Kitchen is properly equipped, with recycling and compost facilities. &'Dorms&' may be single bu

Inveraray Hostel

Inveraray Hostel

 Reviewed by Thibault A. on 8 August 2012

Really nice location really cosy the woman whose is charge of the location is very helpful and nice. You also have a massive kitchen with all teh facilities to cook plus a washing machine.

Inveraray Hostel

Inveraray Hostel

 Reviewed by Jo T. on 17 October 2011

The staff was really warm and friendly and accommodating. The rooms were heated nicely and plenty of

Inveraray Hostel

Inveraray Hostel

 Reviewed by Gareth M. on 11 August 2011

Everything specially the powerful showers great after a day on the bike

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