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Newtonmore Hostels
Newtonmore Hostel

Newtonmore Hostel

Purpose built small hostel in the center of a small, traditional Highland village! We are in the middle of spectacular scenery and aim to supply a friendly and welcoming setting for all our guests to enjoy....


Strathspey Mountain Hostel

Strathspey Mountain Hostel

Strathspey Mountain Hostel is a converted Victorian villa with 4 bedrooms inside the middle of a conventional highland village....


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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Newtonmore
Newtonmore Hostel

Newtonmore Hostel

 Reviewed by David G. on 1 April 2014

Lovely facilities, friendly employees and a wood heater! An exceptional spot to stay for individuals looking to uncover the Cairngorms National Park or just relax and take in hte mountain air.

Strathspey Mountain Hostel

Strathspey Mountain Hostel

 Reviewed by Kolby St G. on 5 August 2013

Lori, the hostel owner, is fantastic. When we arrived, he was across the street at the golf club, of which he is Captain. He was often full of jokes and smiles. He basically planned our entire time in Newtonmore, giving us advice about where to go and what to do. He even lent us his maps. We nonethe

Strathspey Mountain Hostel

Strathspey Mountain Hostel

 Reviewed by Marie P. on 2 April 2013

This location is really laid back and welcoming. The fire is often prepared, ready to be lit when you get in right after a day out and about as nicely as the kitchen/living area is cosy and sociable. The beds are comfortable, the showers are hot, the drying room is excellent. I would definitely go b

Newtonmore Hostel

Newtonmore Hostel

 Reviewed by Martina D. on 17 November 2012

Lovely hosts, extremely friendly, everything has been thought of!

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