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Uig Hostels
Uig Hostel

Uig Hostel

Uig Hostel presents fantastic sights over the bay, great facilities, including family rooms and a warm welcome. Uig is the gateway to the Outer Hebridean Islands and ferries leave daily....


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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Uig
Uig Hostel

Uig Hostel

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 1 October 2013

The location was stunning as properly as the staff helpful. I liked the slow paced life as properly as the availability of ready meals was brilliant simply because we arrived tired and hungry and without our own transport. We were a mixed household group of 6 (3 adults and 3 childen) sharing a dorm

Uig Hostel

Uig Hostel

 Reviewed by Sokol S. on 28 September 2013

The view from the hostel was amassing. The American guy was really friendly and did he&'s greatest helping me even making calls to create sure that I wouldn&'t miss my bus. It had some great space specially in the dining area. It&'s a bit of a walk to the village but worth it every bit of it if you

Uig Hostel

Uig Hostel

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 4 August 2013

It was clean, the room was quite large as properly as the common areas were ok

Uig Hostel

Uig Hostel

 Reviewed by Jatin K. on 24 June 2013

We stayed their from 20th June - 23th June&'2013. It has been very comfortable stay there on their extremely comfortable couches within the lounge and in reading room accompanied by nice views of coast. Kitchen is very spacious and clean and so very inviting. You won&'t feel lazy to cook your own fo

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