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Hostal Altamar

Hostal Altamar

We will be extremely pleased to welcome you in one of our 17 guest rooms: individual, double or 3 bed rooms. Each and everyone equipped with bathroom, television, air-conditioning or fan and heater. Almunecar is a munici...


Velilla Hostel

Velilla Hostel

This comfortable familiar beach boarding house, totaly reforme don 2010 is situated at the promenade of Velilla and it is a friendly establishment at first line of the beach....


Hotel La Najarra

Hotel La Najarra

Elimar Hotel is a cozy and household business in Almunecar village center, in only 90 meters from San Cristobal beach, close to Tourist Information Office and Majuelo Park....


El Poblado Del Amanecer

El Poblado Del Amanecer

At El Poblado del Amanecer we offer you lodging for everyones budget. Bungalows, rooms and campsite along with a gorgeous swimming pool and restaurant in a scenic environment for hiking and outdoor recreation....

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  Recent Reviews About Hostels in Almunecar
Hostal Altamar

Hostal Altamar

 Reviewed by Oxana L. on 10 July 2013

I like my room! It was massive and extremely clean! with a huge bathroom which I liked the most)))

Hostal Altamar

Hostal Altamar

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 10 July 2013

Great location, warm and friendly staff. And deluscious freshly squeezed orange juice with breakfast!

Hostal Altamar

Hostal Altamar

 Reviewed by Glyn D. on 6 September 2012

I seriously cannot fault this spot the rooms were spotless as nicely as the staff extremely friendly and welcoming. I will definately be staying coming agian!

Velilla Hostel

Velilla Hostel

 Reviewed by Customer Review on 26 August 2012

Close to the sea, no problem with parking the car, nice staff

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