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Damascus Rooms

Damascus Rooms

Damascus Rooms- Nice rooms for rent in Damascus, Syria....


Damascus Hostel

Damascus Hostel

This is not the average hostel, this is a VIP hostelling, and it is home away from house. You have a choice of Tv lounge featuring hundreds of channels including BBC, CNBC, CNN, France 24 Hours, Bloomberg, and most Europ...


Al Majed Hotel

Al Majed Hotel

Al Majed Hotel is situated inside the heart of Damascus, at the proximity of the business, shopping and tourism center...


Beit Al Salam

Beit Al Salam

Nestled in the center of the ancient city of Damascus, Syria inside the old city walls lays Beit Al Salam - a great Damascus hotel and holiday rental. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding modern day ...



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Aleppo (Distance ~310km)


Palmyra (Distance ~215km)


Hama (Distance ~185km)

Other Cities : Aleppo (~310km) .